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Returns policy

If for any reason you wish to return your online order and get your money back, you have the right to withdraw within 15 days from the date of issue of the receipt.


  • Contact us by phone to inform us of your return and the reasons you wish to return the products.
  • We agree on how the parcel will be returned. We can send a courier (SPEEDEX COURIER) and you will be charged 4 € for the shipping costs or you can do the shipment by courier of your choice, again with your own shipping costs.
  • Pack the products in a package that will ensure that the products will reach the store without damage.
  • Fill in the Return Form which you will place in the return package.
  • Within 5 days from the day of delivery of the parcel to the company, your money will be refunded in full.

** Shipping costs for the return of the parcel to the company in cases of withdrawal from the market, are always borne by the customer.


The following conditions must be met in full in order for the return / change of the order to be accepted. We reserve the right not to accept returns of products that do not comply with the Terms of Change and Returns listed below.

  • The change request must not exceed 15 days from the date stated on the receipt or change card.
    * The request for withdrawal from the order for the purpose of refund should not exceed 15 days from the date indicated on the receipt or change card.
  • All returned items must be received by us in their original condition, without signs of wear, soiling and suitable for resale.
  • All products must bear all the labels and accompanying cards of the manufacturer that they had at the time of purchase as well as the packaging that came with them.
  • It is always preceded by telephone communication with the mini-mino e-shop at 2841026158

** When you receive the products, we acknowledge that they will be tested to confirm that they meet your expectations. Because some of the products come in direct contact with the skin, please always wear underwear when trying them on.

** As long as the product and the return process meet all the above criteria, you can send the products to the company and exchange them with others, or a refund will be made.

** In case of non-compliance with the listed conditions, the company reserves the right to refuse your return.

** The mini-mino is not responsible for goods lost on return if the shipment has been made by courier of your choice. Any damage to the product during the return of the product to the mini-mino, is borne exclusively by the Customer.

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